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Avito acquired Checkout goods delivery aggregator

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CheckOut logistics platform will allow deliveries of goods to Avito customers

Avito signed a contract with AltairVC and Edison Venture Capital on control over the CheckOut online platform, so as to activate the option of goods delivery to their customers. Those who invested in the CheckOut earlier, will drop out of the game, and CEO G.Ivkin will remain the main shareholder who is going to develop the project in the future.

The Checkout website has its own contracts signed with SPSR Express, Post of Russia, DPD, and other delivery services, so the seller will be able to send the goods to the buyer in several ways.

“In the near future Checkout will not be available for private users. To solve this, Avito should develop its own payment system,”- explains Christoffer Norman, Avito COO.
Whether or not the company intends to invest in the development of such system, is not clear yet. “We are buying CheckOut primarily because of the team, not because of the scale. We ourselves are the scale”, - said Ch. Norman.

It is to be recalled, that the Avito website belongs to Avito AB, a Swedish company.
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