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Avangate’s Winter ‘13 Release Continues Delivery Of Multi-Channel Subscription, Renewals And Global Commerce

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Sky Commerce SuitAvangate, the leading Customer Centric Commerce solution provider trusted by thousands of Software and Online Services companies to grow their business worldwide, announced the Winter 2013 Release of its SkyCommerce Suite. This latest version of Avangate's platform for digital commerce enables companies to take advantage of monetizing their software and services with expanded online self-service and assisted selling with advanced promotions, subscription management and customer retention, as well as global payments leadership.

"With Software and Online Services companies increasingly struggling with disparate tools to setup and monetize new revenue models, like subscriptions, we have focused our latest release on enabling our customers to fine tune their offerings, promotions, and how those are exposed across channels, lifting conversion and retention, while accelerating time to market," said Michael Ni, CMO, Avangate.

The Avangate Winter Release supports the need for faster time to commerce by enabling:
  • Any Channel Commerce: advanced multi-channel promotions, Single Sign-On for embedded commerce and customer management;
  • Advanced Subscription Management: early subscription renewal management and promotion, options-based promotions, expanded upsell and cross sell capabilities, and intelligent payment routing for improved conversion rates and increased retention;
  • Any Market Reach: expanded global payment support and financial reconciliation; addition of domestic Brazilian cards with installments, the number one online payment method in Brazil - and recurring payments support with iDEAL in The Netherlands.
Source:  Avangate


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