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Apple TV to expand in Russia

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12.10.2015 Количество просмотров 356 views
According to press reports, Apple is negotiating the prospects of launching their TV applications with Russian online movie theaters.

The company reportedly considers the country’s most popular video services, such as ivi, Okko, Amediateka, Ayyo and others are considered potential partners, though the movie theaters themselves have not commented on this matter so far.

If the application has been created and launched, Apple, by the example of iTunes Store, will receive fees based on the volume of content sold. Apple TV is streaming media device designed to play digital content on LCD or plasma TV screens directly from the iTunes library.

There are dozens of thousands of Apple TV users in the Russian Federation, but most of them are concentrated in the metropolitan area of Russia, where Apple gadgets are especially popular.
Source:  Retail&Loyalty

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