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Apple Stores to Offer payleven's Card Readers

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apple.jpgEuropean mobile POS provider payleven will see its chip-and-PIN reading devices sold through Apple stores. The readers will sell for approximately £99 with a £20 rebate into merchant accounts once merchants begin processing transactions. 

Like Square readers sold in U.S. Apple stores, payleven's reader-and-application solution lets merchants accept credit and debit cards through a mobile device. The difference is that payleven's reader processes cards that carry EMV chips, a standard for every market except the U.S. Along with the £99 fee, merchants pay 2.7 percent per transaction. 

Payleven isn't the only provider of chip-reading hardware, though it is the only one with the enviable position on Apple Store shelves. Competitor iZettle introduced its own chip-and-PIN solution for the European market. PayPal announced a chip-and-PIN reader for its PayPal Here mobile point-of-sale solution in the U.K. but has not begun shipping the devices to the U.K.
Source:  MobilePaymentsToday


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