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Amazon Launches Group Gift Cards for Facebook

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Amazon Birthday GiftAmazon launched a new social gifting service, dubbed Amazon Birthday Gift, which lets users join together to send gift cards with birthday messages on Facebook. 

It works like this – once one user starts a gift, any of the recipient's Facebook friends can contribute. You can start a gift by adding a $1, $5, $10, or $25 gift card to a birthday message, which won't appear on your friend's timeline until their birthday. Once the gift is started, you can invite other Facebook users to add money to the card. On the person's birthday, the many individual birthday messages will appear on their timeline along with links to claim the gift. 

To use the service, you'll need to head over to the Amazon Birthday Gift website ahead of your friend's birthday, and connect your Amazon account to Facebook. 

"Birthdays have always been social occasions, and sites like Facebook now make it possible for anyone around the world to send birthday wishes to friends – with Amazon Birthday Gift, those many individual messages can become a big gift," Amazon's Vice President of traffic Steve Shure, said in a statement. "Whether it's your best friend or your old high school teammate, Amazon Birthday Gift lets you join a social gift that will grow as more friends participate, which makes giving and receiving birthday messages on Facebook even more fun."
Source:  PCMag

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