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Amazon Dash Buttons help peer into online customer habit

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Amazon's recently released Dash Buttons can help gather information about online customers in terms of shopping preference and needs.

Amazon recently expanded its Dash Buttons to include 29 brands that now offer products for purchase and delivery with a click of a button, reports. The Dash Buttons are meant to offer convenience for the consumer, as well as sales growth and brand awareness for its subscription-only Prime membership program, which now boasts 53 million members worldwide.

Dash Buttons also offer Amazon the possibility to learn about the intimate behavior and needs of its customers and, as they allow customers to place orders for products as soon as they need them, Amazon can observe patterns of what their customers are going to need and when.

Amazon could use the resulting information to anticipate customer needs before they are even aware of them. In fact, Peter Larsen, Amazon’s VP of devices, has expostulated this idea for the future, according to The Verge, cited by the source. The growth of the ecommerce market is largely due to the idea of convenience. Instead of relying on customers to come to the company to make purchases, Amazon could have the autonomy to make the buying process virtually nonexistent for the customer.
Source:  The Paypers

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