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Alipay: 72% of purchases November 11 sales were made in mobile devices

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According to Alipay Chief Representative in Russia B. Zadorozhny, the Group shows record breaking transactional activity figures.

On the day of the traditional sales dedicated to the Bachelor’s Day in China (the analogue of the western “Black Friday”), Alipay payment system processes almost 85 thousand transactions per second at peak.

The figures showing buyers’ transactional activity at Alibaba marketplaces were provided by Alipay Business Development Director (Russia) Bogdan Zadorozhniy on his page in Facebook with reference to the official statistics of the Chinese payment service.

According to him, today the Alipay processing facility handles 84,900 transactions per second and 3.4 million transactions per minute (peak values).

He also stressed that 72% of transactions on the Bachelor’s Day were initiated by Chinese buyers in their mobile applications.

It should be noted that the operator of the Alipay payment system, Ant Financial, is part of Alibaba holding. Alipay electronic wallets are widely used for payments for goods purchased on online marketplaces of Alibaba Group such as Taobao, TMall, and AliExpress.
Source:  Retail&Loyalty

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