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AliExpress opened its first offline showroom

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On September 20 Chinese e-commerce giant AliExpress presented its first “offline” store in Moscow's Leningradsky train station.

According to Mark Zavadsky, over 41.400 items of the brand - from electronics to clothes and jewelry - are presented in the showroom now. Some of the selected trade names such as Xiaomi (offered in the showroom at the best prices) are known in Russia, while some are new to our citizens, but well-established brands. About a quarter of the items belong to the “mall” category, i.e. they are stored in warehouses in Moscow and can be quickly delivered to the buyer.

According to Zavadsky, the opening of the offline store will increase the confidence in online shopping, which has been at a much lower level so far in Russia than in the rest of the world.

Kirill Sokolov, Deputy Head of Railway Stations Directorate, a branch of Russian Railways, spoke about the new concept of the railway station as part of the cultural landscape of the city. He believes the railway station must cease to be the interchange hub alone to become a multifunctional facility integrated into city life.

According to him, the facilities like showroom attract attention of citizens and launch a new round of development.

He also says that Russian Railways are now working on the possibility of the project translation to other regions of Russia with participation of AliExpress, inter alia.

Mark Zavadsky suggested that in case of success of the project similar showrooms will be launched in other countries.

In conclusion, the art director offered a small tour for the press and informed about the concept of floor space for the showroom. He says the façade consists of two parts, symbolizing two mail order boxes: an open one with goods in it visible, and a closed one. The interior, according to the designers, should cause the buyers to feel themselves within the parcel. 

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