AliExpress accounted for 60% of all online orders from Russia in 2014 - Information portal

AliExpress accounted for 60% of all online orders from Russia in 2014

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With a turnover of 55 billion rubles in its first year on the market online, Alibaba took its place in the top ten Internet holdings represented in Russia.

In July 2014, AliExpress marketplace pioneered the top ten most popular online stores in Russia with sixteen million unique users.

A year later, this figure increased to 22.6 million to surpass the results of the Internet giants such as Facebook. According to the study “Internet Trade-2014”, 28mn out of the total 47mn orders made by Russians on foreign websites, were initiated on Alibaba’s sites. According to some data, the volume of orders from Russia on AliExpress reached 55bn rubles in 2014, of which 5% (2.75 bn) accounted for the company’s fees.

According to representatives of AliExpress in Russia, the key advantage of the marketplace with over 100 million items from 200,000 sellers is a unique “price-product range” ratio.

Apert from footwear, clothes, shoes and various accessories orders from Russians include varios household appliances and electronics. These categories of gods are the most popular with Russians: according to Data Insight and InSales, the fashion goods and consumer electronics accounted for over 55% of purchases in 2014.

For AliExpress, Russia is Market No.1 today. It generates 10.7% of the total number of visits to the website, followed by the United States and Brazil.
Source:  Retail&Loyalty

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