Alibaba Group begins field operations with fresh countryside bricks outposts - Information portal

Alibaba Group begins field operations with fresh countryside bricks outposts

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Alibaba Group has also considered tapping the real world business by opening shops in villages and pushing its online payment service in urban areas.

In the Zhejiang Province there is a mountain village of 2,000 people where a "Taobao Village" shop is up and running as part of Alibaba's new 1,000 counties and 10,000 villages program, reports. Villagers can purchase their daily necessities at the shop.

Farmers usually purchase seeds and other agricultural products. The plan is to open Taobao Village shops in various rural communities across China, where more than 600 million potential new customers live. Alibaba is also venturing into the urban area with a marketing campaign for Alipay, which allows shoppers to pay for purchases via their smartphones.

Smartphone users can also use Alibaba chat, social network and other apps to discover popular restaurants and other businesses. Then they can choose to pay for their purchases with Alipay. For participating restaurants and other merchants, the online payment platform could help them bring in new customers.

With these new rural and urban advances, Alibaba is embracing also the brick-and-mortar economy, where more than USD 4 trillion worth of transactions take place every year -- worth nearly 10 times more than those made in China's online economy.
Source:  The Paypers

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