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Albertsons Cuts Loyalty Cards

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AlbertsonsAlbertsons supermarkets ended their customer loyalty card program last week, meaning that all of their shoppers will now be eligible for the chain's discounts. The grocery chain announced the news on its website, and the change took effect immediately. 

The Preferred card's ubiquity was a factor in the switch, Albertsons said in the announcement. "Everyone has one. So we want to take the special step of not requiring one anymore." Customers will still be able to scan their cards to earn fuel rewards, the online memo said, but Albertsons is considering whether to get rid of that program as well. 

Albertsons operates 52 stores in the company's San Diego region, which stretches from San Ysidro to southwestern Riverside County. A 2012 National Grocers Association survey found that consumers were increasingly disenchanted with their supermarkets' loyalty efforts. About half endorsed their primary grocery store's loyalty programs, down from 58 percent the year before, and one-third said their main food store does not have a loyalty rewards program. 

The survey concluded that loyalty programs aren't necessary for attracting shoppers, but stores that do have them could improve their deals and ease of use.  
Source:  U-T SAN DIEGO

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