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AKIT: 40% of online purchases from other countries will cost more

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Reduced limits for duty-free shopping online from 1,000 to 150 euros and the introduction of an additional fee of 10-15 euros will affect about 40% of foreign parcels addressed to individuals

According to AKIT’s estimates, changes in tariffs, should they have been introduced earlier, would have brought 47.7 billion rubles to the Russian budget in 2014. Foreign online retailers call the new conditions too risky and arbitrary.

It is expected that tomorrow the EEC Council will consider Russia's proposal to impose a EUR10-15 duty on parcels of over 1 kg weight and over EUR22 cost, and the a 30% charge for parcels heavier than 10 kg, of which the cost exceeds EUR150. Previously, the discussion on the issue was scheduled for November 23.

AKIT estimates that Russian citizens will receive 105 million parcels from abroad in 2015, with 63.8 million of them falling beyond the scope of the new charges, because their cost is expected to be under EUR22. In this context, recipients of 36 million parcels of EUR22-150 worth each would be charged EUR10-15 euro. Another 5.25 million parcels would be more expensive than EUR150. They would be also subject to a 30% duty.

According to the AKIT report, if the charges had been introduced before, the lower standards will bring RUB47.7 billion to the Russian budget in 2014 and RUB23 billion in the first half of 2015.

"The measures proposed by EEC will boost investments into the Russian economy and facilitate localization of the foreign retailers’ infrastructure," – they believe in AKIT. The estimations are based on the data received from the Central Bank, Russian Post, private companies and experts, AKIT informs.
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