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A new stage of eBay business evolution in Russia

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All Russian stores can sell on eBay

eBay, one of the world's largest online sales platforms, announced today the new stage of their business development - now all Russian stores, including large, medium and small businesses and individual entrepreneurs can sell their products on eBay. This was implemented with the launch of Baymag. The new unique system designed specifically for the Russian market allows placing goods for sale on the website quickly and conveniently.

Sellers get instant access to multi-million customer base of eBay and an opportunity to manage their businesses online. Vladimir Dolgov, CEO, eBay Russia, comments: “Starting from today, all Russian stores can selling on the eBay website. We believe this is an important and long-desired step in the development of our business in Russia. In September 2014, when opening a platform for large stores, we announced three main stages of our strategy. The first step provided for opening the access to the site for major online stores. To date, over 300 stores successfully sell on eBay already. The second stage included opening the platform for all stores. To implement this step, our experts developed eBaymag, a system that meets all requirements of Russian stores. The third stage provides for entering the export market. "

From July to August 2015, eBay tested the eBaymag system with more than 200 Russian sellers. During this time, approximately 100 stores got registered in the system successfully and started selling on the site.

On average, it takes about 3 hours to post goods on eBay. The store can monitor sales on the site online, change the number of products, use more detailed line of categories, determine the sales rules, define terms of delivery, communicate with customers, track feedback and respond to it timely.

Vladimir Dolgov added: "I would like to remind you that in 2014 we announced a zero percent fee for all Russian merchants. Our terms and conditions have not been changed since then. We still do not charge the stores any fee. eBaymag is also absolutely free and does not require special user skills or additional software. "
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