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A new online news site launches for B2B e-commerce

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Internet Retailer's parent company Vertical Web Media LLC launches B2BeCcommerceWorld.com, a website dedicated to business-to-business e-commerce news.

B2BeCommerceWorld.com has launched as a news website covering how manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers sell and market online to other businesses, government agencies, schools, nonprofits and other organizations.

B2BeCommerceWorld.com is published by Vertical Web Media LLC, which also publishes Internet Retailer and the newsletter B2BecNews, and the Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide among a family of annual data books that provide performance metrics and other data on e-commerce companies throughout the world.

Molly Love, the president and CEO of Vertical Web Media, says the rapidly growing arena of B2B e-commerce deserves a dedicated news portal. “The B2B e-commerce business warrants its own dedicated staff writers, website, research and topical publications that focus solely on the specific strategies and unique challenges facing the B2B Industry,” she says. “As B2B e-commerce emerges, other business practices and processes are also affected. The experienced journalists reporting for B2BeCommeceWorld.com will focus content around complex integration system challenges, the competitive landscape, business efficiencies, and overall market conditions and expectations.”

B2BeCommerceWorld will also offer videos to illustrate the marketing and other practices of companies, and outside blogs from a broad selection of industry experts. Along with the new B2B news site, Vertical
Web Media also increased the frequency of the B2BecNews weekly email newsletter to twice weekly from once a week. The newsletter now comes out every Tuesday and Friday.

Forrester Research Inc. estimates that B2B e-commerce sales in the United States alone will hit $780 billion this year—more than double Internet Retailer’s projection of roughly $350 billion in U.S. online retail sales—and surpass $1.13 trillion in just five years. That growth presents a goldmine of sales and new opportunities to cut operating costs through customers’ self-service transactions and other digitally enhanced methods of more effectively managing inventory, marketing products and services,and managing other operations.

“This is an industry-first resource that we’re pleased to bring to market,” says Jack Love, chairman and co-founder of Vertical Web Media. “It represents our commitment to helping our readers get the big-picture overview as well as the granular perspective on how e-commerce is changing the way manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors sell to other businesses, government agencies, health care organizations, schools and other institutions.”

In addition to B2BeCommerceWorld, or B2BecWorld, and publishing the B2BecNews newsletter twice a week, Vertical Web Media is expanding its B2B coverage in other ways. The company’s B2B e-commerce reporters also will produce quarterly, magazine-style reports covering such topics as e-marketplaces, content management and e-commerce technology platforms. 

In addition, later this year Vertical Web Media will publish its first annual guide book ranking hundreds of manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors by their online sales to companies and other enterprises, and profile each of the companies ranked.
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