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90 percent of Swiss internet users shop online

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There are 4.5 million online shoppers in Switzerland, equating to 90% of internet users, a recent research study points out.

Additionally, Swiss internet shoppers spend almost CHF 2,000 (USD 1993) per person per year and 64% of these already buy from foreign websites, according to a recent study issued by Netcomm Suisse and ContactLab Observatory, ecommerce-europe.eu reports. In 72% of cases, their choice is determined by a better price for the item purchased online.

In the latest studies carried out by ContactLab, it was shown how common the practice of buying online is in Switzerland, evidenced by the soaring market expansion figures for all groups of the population and in all business sectors. Moreover, a country of 8 million people with 4.5 million online shoppers boasting an average spend of nearly CHF 2,000 each is without doubt an ecommerce champion in terms of consumption. It is worth noting that already 64% of Swiss online shoppers regularly buy from foreign websites, because in 72% of cases, they find products which are cheaper compared to those available on Swiss websites.

NetComm Suisse is the first and only Swiss association of ecommerce, founded in 2012 with the aim to promote the services and support the interests of the most important companies in the sector. NetComm Suisse contributes to the knowledge and diffusion of electronic commerce, its services and its technologies, creating initiatives aimed at consumers and operators.

Among the objectives of the association there is that of eliminating the barriers that limit the development of the sector, and implementing communication projects for the logistic supply chain and distribution, and promoting digital culture towards businesses and customers. The association also undertakes activities in regulation and lobbying working with national and international institutions, in order to create clear standards and regulations; prerequisite for growth in the sector.
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