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70% of UK Consumers Abandon the Shopping Cart before Checkout

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shopping cart70 percent of UK consumers abandon the shopping cart before checkout, recent findings point out.

According to a survey by cloud.IQ, one in five consumers has declared that they tend to cancel out of the sale altogether if they can’t speak to a representative. Overall, seven out of 10 shoppers nix their virtual carts.

The same source indicates that women are 7 percent more likely to cancel online sales than men. With regard to more expensive items, 52 percent of internet shoppers have mentioned they are more willing to buy if retailers offer to call, free of charge. That number increases to two-thirds for “digital natives,” while they still list that contact with the seller is an important decision factor.

One such method is the introduction of callback buttons, which allows shoppers to click and call. These buttons are located directly near the shopping section and automates the calling process, allowing consumers to ask questions about products or the e-commerce experience. 
Source:  The Paypers


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