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17% of US Small Business Owners Use a Smartphone, Tablet to Accept Face-To-Face Credit Card Payments

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m-ecommerce.jpgAs mobile commerce activity increases within the US marketplace and payment processing advances alongside it, ISOs, acquirers and other merchant service providers must reposition themselves to meet the immediate and future needs of the businesses they serve, a recent study has revealed.

According to a recent research report titled ‘2013 Mobile Payment Acceptance Survey’ issued by US-based PCI compliance services provider ControlScan and provider of transaction processing services TransFirst, 82 percent of e-commerce merchants don’t know whether a purchase on their website comes from a mobile device or a PC, yet data from those who do indicates that mobile site visitors are representing a significantly increasing portion of online sales. Moreover, 49 percent of e-commerce merchants know their websites are not currently optimized for mobile devices and an additional 17 percent say they don’t know or are unsure about their site’s current status, revealing that as many as two-thirds of these merchants may be putting up roadblocks to the growing number of mobile consumers.

Finally, the report has revealed that 10 percent of respondents to last year’s benchmark Mobile Payment Acceptance Survey said they were using a smartphone or tablet to accept face-to-face credit card payments. In less than one year’s time, that number has almost doubled to 17 percent.

Source:  The Paypers


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