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13 international brands entered Russian market since beginning of 2015

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13 international brands entered Russian market since beginning of 2015In the first half of 2015 thirteen international brands came to the Moscow market - that is a bit less as compared to the same period last year (17).

The composition of the new brands proved to be more homogeneous, without a traditional overbalance for the part of clothing brands. The newcomers are almost equally represented by 4 profiles - clothing / footwear, restaurants and cafes, children's goods, and accessories.

The vast majority of new names have traditionally arrived through shopping malls, except for three brands that preferred a street retail format, namely The Bagel Bar coffee shop, Rouge Bunny Rouge and Serge Lutens, known as luxury cosmetics niche players. Moscow’s Serge Lutens is the second boutique in the world, Paris alone can boast being a lucky possessor of this store along with Moscow. Among the shopping centers, TsDM in Lubyanka holds the lead in the engagement of new brands: Brums, Silver Cross, Ilaria.

While in the second half of a shocking year of 2014 thirteen international brands (including New Look, Esprit, River Island, OVS, Gerry Weber, Johnny Rockets, Chili's, Seppala) announced their leaving the Russian market, as few as three - Hervé Léger, Flormar and Carl's Junior, have followed suite since the beginning of 2015. The latter, however, announced it’s coming back to Yekaterinburg in February. 
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