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21.10.2015 - 22.10.2015

3rd Annual South East Asia Retail Expansion Summit

The retail sector in South East Asia has been the most active in preparing to tap the handsome business opportunities that the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) brought. Socio-economic change and increased urbanization in South East Asia’s leading economies fueled investment into array of new retail activities, from large-scale hypermarkets to domestic sports equipment stores in newly built shopping mall.The rapid growth of e-commerce in South East Asia will increase at least five-fold by 2020, and could reach as much as US$35 billion a year. The integration of physical store and online space helps make shopping more personalized, and bringing the right product to the right shopper at the right time is crucial for retailers.

Lnoppen’s 3rd Annual South East Asia Retail Expansion Summit will feature the most prominent industry leaders, retail owners, investors, architects, local and public authorities, and service solution providers from across the region providing informative and inspiring discussions to discover new strategies, retail technologies, retail designs and in-store marketing. Also needs of blending the online and offline worlds as the key of future retail.

Venue:  Jakarta, Indonesia - only
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