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21.01.2014 - 22.01.2014

Nordic Card Markets and Payment Solutions

The card and payments solutions market is at an important tipping point. Technological innovation has yet to be translated into concrete commercial opportunities by card issuers. In the Nordic region there is little activity in contactless payments and mobile solutions have yet to settle on a technology and delivery method. The payments market as a whole is in flux and is being disrupted by innovation from new payment entrants.

For contactless the biggest obstacle to take up across the region has been the adoption of NFC terminals and who should pay for them. In addition, in an economically challenging period resistance from smaller merchants poses a problem. Mobile could be said to be supporting a cashless society but where’s the benefit? For merchants it’s quicker transaction times but how much more cashless does there need to be? What’s the benefit at all of mobile or contactless for smaller merchants?

Nordic Card Markets and Future Payments Solutions 2014 will examine how the various players in the industry will have to overcome merchant rejection and deal with consumer apathy. With case study example the conference will set out how to apply the right technological solutions and the right benefit proposition to both groups.

Venue:  Copenhagen, Denmark - only
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