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The information portal covers the best national and foreign practices in the area of offline and online retail business: retail outlets, innovative technologies, business cases, e-commerce, geo-location, CRM, loyalty systems, contactless technologies (NFC, RFID, etc.), self-service, teller solutions, IТ solutions, security issues etc..

A dynamic project of interest to the market participants, as evidenced by the low bounce rate (14–18%), a big number of pages viewed (10–12 on average), and the average length of staying on the portal for about 5 minutes.

Our visitors represent the following organizations:

  • Retail chains and traditional retail – food, non-food, DIY, fashion etc.;
  • Web-stores;
  • Hotels, tour operators, airlines, transport companies, petrol stations operators;
  • Banks and other financial institutions, payment systems;
  • Vendors and services suppliers to the retail sector;
  • Telecom;
  • Government institutions;


The visitors include company officers responsible for decision making and project management within the most active age range of 28-50. The web portal publishes daily news from retailers, vendors, banks and other market participants from around the world.

Over 25 000 reviews

Over 5 000 online daily newsletter subscribers
Twitter – more than 800 followers
Faсebook – more than 400 friends

The Advertising Opportunities at

Take advertising opportunities by publishing:

  1. A banner on the website,
  2. A banner on Retail & Loyalty News Daily
  3. News on the website and in Retail & Loyalty News Daily

Sizes and location of banners placed on the website (GIF format, mаx. 35 Kb):

  1. Banner 1000x60 px in the website header, through all pages.
  2. Banner 518х102 px (the image enlarges from 518x102 px to 518x204 px when you mouse over it)
  3. Banner 468 х 60 рх under the section ‘ Retail & Loyalty Journal’, the main website page
  4. Dynamic banner (120 x 240 px) on the left side site, through all pages
  5. Banner 728х90 рх, the lower part of the website, through all pages.

Sponsorship of ‘Retail & Loyalty News’ Headings includes a company’s logo (228х60 px) with the reference to the company’s website:

  1. In the Retail & Loyalty News Daily Header ,
  2. In the upper part of each piece of news of this section ,
  3. In the upper part of Retail & Loyalty News Daily.

A banner in the Retail & Loyalty News Daily:

  size 508 х 50 px (Jpeg)

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Contacts for advertisers:

Konstantin Grizov
Business Development Director
Mob.: +7 925 005 4005

Office: 1-3 "A", 29/5, Krzhizhanovskogo st., 117218 Moscow, Russia
T/F: +7 495 961 1065


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